My name is Adele and I’m 26.

Mental Health 101. What right do I have to talk about this you may ask?

Simple. Everyday experience.

Many of us battle mental health every. single. day. whether that be depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, OCD, ODD, and so many more, we all have a right to talk about our experiences.

New Yorker, born and raised. Currently based out of Iowa City. I love to travel anywhere and clear my head for a few days, a week, or even a month – because clearing my head is so important to me. It allows me to think clearly and function when I go back to reality.

The intent of this blog is to shine a light on what so many of us are scared to talk about – the medication that helps us deal with our mental health, our mental health alone, what we’re going through – or simply, just to talk. Whatever you are going through, this is meant to go hand in hand as a safe space for you to read or start a conversation.

Contributions of your stories are more than welcome – with your permission, they will be shared in a post and on other social media platforms, and I will start with my own story. Along with this, motivation, tips, and conversation starters will be posted as well.

I do hope you find this helpful and follow along!

Thank you and I’m excited to have you here!